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Product Information and Return Policy
Questions about our line of products? Here are some answers to the more frequently asked ones:
If you have a specific question not covered here, E-mail us at
Q How does an altimeter work?
A Altimeters of the type Red Oaks sells operate on the same principle as barometers, calibrated in feet (or meters), and are designed to show elevation above sea level by tracking changes in air pressure. They are fundamentally the same type of device as many aircraft altimeters, (although the latter are almost always more complex and far more expensive). .  We carry altimeters such as the Swift 478, Sun 205 and other models, and Sunbridge models. 
Don't expect 100% accuracy with any altimeter - they are all subject to air pressure changes, as well as changes in real altitude, so it's very important to always set them to your known altitude before using, as the unit may have drifted quite a few feet from its previous setting if not used for a few days.  And if you take a long trip and arrive back at your starting point, don't be surprised if the altimeter is somewhat off.  This is normal.  It just means there's been a change in barometric pressure.  These instruments are designed to show approximate altitude (say within 40' or so) and they do a good job of that.  They are not designed to show accurate altitude down to the last foot.  (Even the expensive ones in airplanes don't do that - they have to be adjusted regularly too, and they're also susceptible to barometric changes.)
To improve accuracy, take readings as close together as possible; do them (if practical) at a time when the barometric pressure is fairly steady; and if your results are important, take several samples between the same two points, and use the most consistent readings.


Who uses altimeters (other than pilots)?


Altimeters are popular with hikers and climbers, particularly in areas where the user expects to cover an area with large differences in terrain elevation.   Altimeters are also popular with motorists.   An increasingly popular use is by persons with respiratory difficulties who are adversely affected by higher altitudes.
Q Why would I want an altimeter in my automobile? After all, I'm always the same distance above the ground!
A A common misconception is that an altimeter indicates height above ground. This is incorrect - an air pressure altimeter reacts to height above sea level. In a car, this can be especially useful in winter driving in hilly terrain, since freezing is more likely to occur at higher elevations. At other times, having an altimeter is useful for knowing how far you've climbed or descended while driving in hills or mountainous areas. Ever drive in the mountains, perhaps in an unfamiliar place, and wonder how high you've climbed? An altimeter can tell you at every stage of your trip.
Q What is an anemometer and how does it work?
A An anemometer measures wind speed using a small impeller device resembling a tiny propellor.  A chip in the body of the unit converts the impeller motion into current wind speed whenever it is held facing the wind.  Models such as the JDC Xplorer series and the Weatherhawk Windmate and Skymaster, give readings in MPH, Knots, Km/hr, M/sec, and Beaufort Scale, all at the touch of a button, and most models include additional features. 
We now also carry a line of non-directional (sometimes called "omni directional") anemometers by JDC such as the Eole and Meteos which don't need to be held facing the wind to produce an accurate reading.
Q I'm always hesitant to furnish credit card information on line. Do you have a secure shopping cart?
A All credit card information provided to Red Oaks Trading is handled by, one of the premier merchant services on the web.  We don't receive the card number here, it goes directly to the processor. Any information you are asked for during checkout will be transmitted under secure conditions. (You will note that, after entering your name and address, but prior to entering your card information, you are taken to a page with an "https" prefix, rather than "http".)  If you prefer, mail orders are also permitted. Send your check with a description of the products you want to Red Oaks Trading, Ltd., 3018 Eastshore Place, Reno, NV 89509 and your goods will be shipped as soon as the check clears. Add $8.45 shipping and handling (US orders), ($29.00 for Canadian orders or $39.00 for other international orders) to the total order cost, based on prices posted on the website.  US orders over $100.00 don't require you to add shipping.
Q What is your privacy policy?  If I buy from Red Oaks will I be inundated with annoying offers?
A Very simple answer here:  NO!  We do not share your information with anyone for promotional purposes, ever, and other than the credit card processor (for the sole purpose of obtaining approval of an order) we don't share it with anyone at all unless, in corresponding with us, you specifically authorize us to do so.  We reserve the right to contact you to resolve bona-fide problems such as clarifying an address or credit card expiration date, and occasionally to announce new products or specials, but we promise not to hound you with incessant offers and we will not sell your information to anyonePromise!


Return Policy, Warranties, Limitations, etc.:
  Items with factory defects are returnable within the warranty period outlined in the documentation received with your purchase. Usually this is 1 year.  Weatherhawk products carry a 2 year warranty.  Unless the product warranty specifies otherwise, claimants should follow this procedure:  1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for warranty replacement or repair.  2. If this fails to produce satisfaction, notify us by E-Mail of your problem; 3. Ship the defective product (properly packaged and labeled) per the manufacturer's instruction or (if applicable) to Red Oaks Trading, via your preferred means; 4. If product is shipped to us, we will replace the defective product with a similar unit in good order, or if this is impossible, refund the purchase price at our option. Warranty exclusions include, but are not necessarily limited to: Adhesive mounts, since we have no control over whether the surface was compromised during installation; minor cosmetic blemishes not interfering with intended use; claims of inaccuracy which fail to take into account stated or prevailing tolerances. Most or all products carry a manufacturers limited warranty against specific defects, good for a period of 1 to 5 years, depending on the item. Products are intended for general recreational and informational use, and Red Oaks disclaims all warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, and any and all liability for injuries or damages resulting or said to result from reliance on any product, in the furtherance of any activity whatsoever. Red Oaks also disclaims responsibility for any consequential damages claimed to result from any cause whatsoever.  These warranty terms give you certain legal rights, and you may have additional rights under your state law.

Some of our manufacturers have additional resources such as a toll-free help line. Often, when a product is thought to be defective it turns out the user just needed some tips on proper use - a lot of potential problems are resolved this way.  The literature or manual which accompanies your purchase will generally detail the steps to take when you need help from the manufacturer.  If not, feel free to contact us.

Items (except sale items and closeouts) may be returned in good condition in original packaging with all components, when return is for other reasons (not as expected, recipient didn't need, etc.) within 25 days of original shipment (EXCEPTION - ON GOODS PURCHASED BETWEEN 12/1 AND 12/24, YOU HAVE UNTIL THE LATER OF 25 DAYS FROM PURCHASE DATE OR THE FOLLOWING JAN 7,  TO MAKE RETURNS UNDER THESE CONDITIONS) .  Credit will be issued for price of goods less outgoing shipping and packing, whether or not shipping/packing was levied at time of sale.  We reserve the right to levy restocking charges and repacking charges (except on warranty replacements).  No returns of obviously used merchandise will be accepted other than for bona-fide warranty issues.

Common Carriers:
We cannot be held responsible for the failure of a common carrier such as USPS or UPS to make delivery in a timely fashion.  If additional charges are levied (as for overnight delivery) we pass to the customer every benefit we receive from the carrier in terms of refunds, etc., for failure to meet a deadline, but if the carrier claims force majeure (such as weather delays) we unfortunately cannot offer refunds we do not ourselves receive.  In the event of a claim of non-delivery, tracking information indicating delivery by the common carrier used will serve as conclusive evidence of delivery.

We stand behind everything we sell, and your satisfaction is very important to us.